About Me

My full name is Tom Lasse Nilsen, but you can call me Tom. I was born and grew up in Kirkenes, North of Norway, but moved to Oslo as a pretty young fella. I´m now based in Kristiansand, but most of my work is done in Oslo. I travel and do assignments all around Norway - and the world if I have to. I love to shoot stuff and the harder and bigger the challenge, the better. I´m a planner, not a lucker - meaning.. shooting under dark challenging condition luck ain´t gonna happen. So if you wanna work with me, we need to talk and the more I know, the closer to success we get. It´s close to a production if you like.

My Promise

I´ve shot concerts and festivals since 2012. I also have experience from shooting in a studio. Two very oposite things, but very valuable and usefull. Post production is probably my biggest strenght. With all honesty and respect, I know what I am doing. Shooting studio-like sharp and clean shots at concerts is possible, but it´s a coop that needs a talk and planning - epsecially I don´t know your show and if we havent worked together before. I also like to say, if not in Vegas, I can´t shoot Vegas. It´s all up to your show and production. My job is to capture amazing pictures, but even under perfect conditions, there´s no garanties. My promise is that I will use all my experience and do everything I can to make you more than happy with my results.